Update 30/08

Hi all… Hope you’re all good.. Been a week or 2 since my last update but just wanted to post up to say all is still good. Getting on with going to the gym. Trying very hard to make it at least 3 times a week, sound easy but with everything else it can proof […]

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Lunch 15/08

Afternoon campers… so wasn’t hungry this morning, which seems to be a recurring theme atm. I know everyone says breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but atm i cant stomach it for whatever reason. So fast forward slightly to lunch. Today was pretty much a repeat on yesterdays but i can give […]

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Dinner 14/08

Tonight dinner was brought on by wanting to eat something reasonably healthy. So we had shredded chicken fajitas with Mexican rice… Needless to say there wasn’t anything left. This was for 2 people.. 2x chicken breasts (skinless) 900ml of chicken stock (I used knor) 1x red onion(sliced) Half a bottle of Nando’s mild sauce 4x […]

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Exercise 14/08

Tonight was “super” circuit night… Different instructor so the lesson was changed up a bit. Was completely shattered after it, I only missed a few things and tried to get through with the others.. Legs are aching just now so I’m guessing walking will be fun tmrw 🙂

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Lunch 14/08

Today’s lunch was nice n easy lemon squeezey I got; 1x small Tesco salad bowl 1x pack Tesco sweet chilli chicken breast(was a woopsie so even better) 1x lidl tomato and sweet chilli focaccia 1x Tesco salmon & tuna sushi Some cashews (lidl) So basically put the focaccia in the oven for 10 mins to […]

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Lunch 12/08

So I wasn’t going to have anything until but it looks like dinner will be later tonight and I wouldn’t have survived until then without a sacrificial murder to to hanger pains, or at the least eating some form of crap left in the house… So instead I decided to be good ish. 1.5x peppered […]

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