I’m baaaaaaak

so its been a long time since i posted on here, which is a combination of many different things – too busy, too lazy, not motivated, a bit ashamed… a little of all those pots. Anyway so enough with the wallowing in needless online self pity, and upwards… I took thing with the scruff of […]

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Wee achievement..

I don’t think I’m the best or most interesting of writers, I’ve been trying to use this to keep me on the straight n narrow.. But I’ve managed to accumulate 100 likes from folks looking at my ramblings… Ty all very muchly… 🙂

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Back on the wagon

So last yesterday I kept to my aim of going to the gym and having some reasonably healthy for dinner… Yes I’m in shock too… Gym was basically 30 mins of cardio on a bike though it was pointed out I should have reduced the resistance… Point for next time.. I then had wholemeal pasta […]

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Falling off the wagon

Hi.. It’s been a while since my last confession (lol) I fell off the wagon but have a plan.. On the 8th of January operation “move my fat ass” goes live. I’m going to be back at the gum after over a month out – I gave a plan, will post later. Also looking at […]

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Update 30/08

Hi all… Hope you’re all good.. Been a week or 2 since my last update but just wanted to post up to say all is still good. Getting on with going to the gym. Trying very hard to make it at least 3 times a week, sound easy but with everything else it can proof […]

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Lunch 15/08

Afternoon campers… so wasn’t hungry this morning, which seems to be a recurring theme atm. I know everyone says breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but atm i cant stomach it for whatever reason. So fast forward slightly to lunch. Today was pretty much a repeat on yesterdays but i can give […]

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