Lunch 12/08

So I wasn’t going to have anything until but it looks like dinner will be later tonight and I wouldn’t have survived until then without a sacrificial murder to to hanger pains, or at the least eating some form of crap left in the house…

So instead I decided to be good ish.

  • 1.5x peppered mackerel filet
  • 2x white n wholemeal wrap
  • Premade mix salad
  • Some red onion
  • Wee bit of mayo

I heated the wraps slightly in a warm pan, then flaked half the mackerel into one wrap and the rest into the other. Then just bunged on some salad n sliced onion with a wee bit of mayo.

Was very nice, didn’t finish – ate a full one and half the other (evidence below)

Again I know not great but better than a bag of crisps etc etc.. And it’s actually filled me.


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