Brunch 12/08

Only brunch courtesy of not getting up earlier 🙂 I had; 1x slice of toast with philedelphia chive spread 2x egg scrambled 4x slice of wafer thin chicken Oj It filled me up… Went to swimming with kids, had some banana when I came out.. Still on the water kick as well, which is helping […]

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Lunch 11/08

Told you I would be back to normal behaviour… We normal is maybe a stretch… Lunch today was 1x mini poppy seed roll with chicken breast 2x mini brown roll with ham salad 1x mini jam n cream sponge 1x packet of crisps Oj So again the theme here is getting better not perfect on […]

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Dinner 10/08

Tonight’s dinner was a random mix of things while trying to be healthy, well healthier than having something else.. Maybe.. It consisted of; Pack of sliced marinated cooked chicken 0.5 of an onion Garlic (1 clove minced) Some red kidney beans Some tomato puree Table spoon of water Two mini tortilla Was lovely… Was stuffed […]

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Exercise 10/08

So tonight I decided that rather than sitting on my fat ass while my boy was at swimming lessons, I would make some use if the 30ish mins. So I went on the rowing machine… Bugger me was that heard work… I’ll never be a Redgrave or Pinsent.. It was 500m x3 with a minute […]

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Exercise 09/08

Soooo this was 1st time back in 5ish weeks, maybe 6ish… It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would (I was bloody stiff the next day tho) so. Quite happy that I got through it… Bicep curl Triceps extensions Lateral extensions Russian swing Side bends Rope push-up Half sit-up 2x sets of above at […]

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